Grafted Tomatoes

Buy grafted tomato plants for vigorous growth, high-yields, and excellent disease resistance. Grafted to high performing rootstocks, our range of grafted tomatoes features an array of lovely varieties including sweet cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, black tomatoes, and beefsteaks. For even better value, browse our organic tomato seeds.

What are grafted tomato plants?

A grafted tomato plant is created by carefully slicing and fusing the stem and root system of a strong ‘rootstock’ tomato with the growing top and stem of the desired tomato variety, which is usually chosen for flavour.

How to grow grafted tomato plants

Grow grafted tomato plants just like you would your regular tomatoes. Plant your grafted tomatoes into fertile soil and support growth with a sturdy stake or wire. Feed your grafted tomato every week using a balanced fertiliser to encourage fruiting. Whether you’re growing your grafted tomatoes outdoors or in pots in a conservatory, make sure you never let them dry out, especially during warm summer weather.

Are grafted tomato plants better?

Grafted tomato plants give larger yields of fruit, show more vigorous growth, and are more resilient to common tomato diseases than ungrafted plants. Grafted tomatoes benefit from the stronger rootstock, which boosts the performance of the flavoursome fruiting top so you can enjoy a longer fruiting period. Their vigorous nature makes them an excellent option for growing outdoors.

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