Herb Seeds

Choose from our excellent organic herb seeds selection to grow your own top quality herbs. We supply all your favourite organic seeds, including some of the more unusual cooking and medicinal herbs, all of which are produced to the highest organic standards. Grow more of your own produce with our tried and tested organic vegetable seeds.

How to grow herbs from seeds

Growing herbs from seed is a really economic way to fill your pots and garden beds with aromatic, edible plants. Sow your herb seeds into labelled seed trays onto damp seed compost and lightly cover with a sprinkle of compost. Place your seed trays in a warm space to germinate, and immediately move them into a sunny spot when you see germination has occurred. 

Give your seedlings additional light using a grow lamp if they start to appear leggy, and remember to turn your seedlings to stop them leaning towards the light. Prick out your seedlings and pot them each into 9cm pots when they have a few true leaves. 

When to plant herb seeds

Sow your herbs in spring when the weather warms up. Alternatively, sow your herbs in early spring indoors in a heated propagator and provide additional light from a grow lamp to keep their growth strong and healthy. Plant your herb plants outdoors once the risk of frost has passed in May and June.

Are herbs easy to grow from seed?

Herbs are fairly easy to grow from seed. Perennial herbs like mint, rosemary and oregano only need sowing once to provide you with aromatic leaves for teas and roasties for years to come. Remember to keep tender herbs like basil and coriander in a warm space away from cold draughts as they develop and harden off for at least two weeks before moving them outdoors.

Can I plant herb seeds outside?

Sow parsley, chives and sorrel directly outdoors in rows under cloches or in an unheated greenhouse in March. Protect your herbs from frost as they develop. Sow your more tender herb seeds like basil in seed trays on a warm windowsill or greenhouse. Prick these seedlings out in April, potting them on to develop for finally planting outdoors in May as the weather improves.