Grafted Vegetable Plants

Buy grafted vegetable plants for vigour, strong cropping and resistance to pests and diseases. High-producing veg plants are grafted with strong, resilient rootstock to produce the best of both worlds. Whether you're growing organic cucumber plants, tomatoes, peppers or aubergines, we've got a great grafted veg plant for you. Check out our full range of organic vegetable plants for a harvest of unparalleled colour and taste.

Grafted Vegetable Plants – a quick guide

Grafted vegetable plants are a great way to ensure you get strong, vigorous plants and excellent harvests of your favourite vegetables. To learn more about growing veg this way, here’s your quick guide to grafted vegetable plants.

What are grafted plants?

Grafting is the traditional process of combining two plants – one, a variety bred for its strong and vigorous roots, and the other for the taste and quality of its produce. We cut the first plant off at an angle above the roots and ‘graft’ or splice the second to it, binding the two plants together until they grow into one plant. This way, you get an excellent rootstock which turbocharges the growth and maturation of top-quality produce.

What are the benefits of a grafted vegetable plant?

Reliability is one of the chief advantages of growing grafted plants. Grafting means we can give you the benefits of an extensive root system that is strong and resistant to common soil-borne pests and diseases. In addition, you’ll get the tastiest, most abundant harvest. Some grafted plants also crop earlier than their non-grafted equivalents.

How do you plant a grafted vegetable plant?

Plant a grafted vegetable the same way you would any other, but make sure the grafting point is above the soil level and don’t allow the mulch to touch the stem as it could encourage rot. More importantly, choose the correct location for your plant and, in the weeks before planting, incorporate plenty of well-rotted organic matter into the soil. Plant in accordance with the instructions included with your purchase and water in.