Garlic Bulbs & Plants

Choose from our trusted range of organic garlic bulbs for planting in the UK. This selection of hard and soft neck garlic bulbs includes varieties suitable for the cooler, wetter growing conditions we experience. We offer both spring and autumn garlic sets, for lovers of both strong and mild-tasting garlic. For more Organic Gardening essentials, browse our organic vegetable plants collection.

Growing your own garlic 

Garlic is easy to grow, requires hardly any attention and takes up very little space. In fact it’s a great crop to squeeze between rows of other veg as a companion plant. Always buy high quality bulbs from a specialist rather than using culinary varieties from a supermarket. Garlic bulbs from Organic Gardening Catalogue are produced in carefully controlled conditions to help them resist disease and produce a successful crop. 

When to buy organic garlic bulbs for planting

You can buy organic garlic bulbs for planting in autumn or spring, depending on your personal preference. Autumn-planted bulbs have the advantage of having the cooler months to bed in and begin growing, benefitting from a head start once the sun begins to shine in the spring. Spring planting garlic is bred for a fast take-off once the weather warms up. Here at The Organic Gardening Catalogue, we supply a wide range of both types of bulbs, all of which have two things in common – great taste and value for money.

How to plant garlic bulbs

To plant garlic, break the bulbs into individual cloves, poke holes into the soil and insert the cloves with the roots down and the pointed end up. Plant to the depth of the clove – the pointed tip should just poke out above the soil surface. Space the cloves 10cm apart and leave 15-20cm between rows. Avoid planting where the ground is prone to waterlogging – if the soil is too wet, plant your cloves into containers and transplant them once the ground has dried. For more information on growing garlic, check out our veg growing guide

What can you plant next to garlic?

Garlic is one of the very best companion plants there is. With its pungent aroma and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, it’s fantastic for helping to keep your other veg crops healthy. Planting garlic throughout your veg garden makes sense. It’s particularly beneficial when planted alongside brassicas, beets, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.