Sunflower Seeds

Fill your garden with sunshine and grow sunflower seeds from The Organic Gardening Catalogue. We can’t get enough of these cheerful beauties, from the unusual fluffy ‘Teddy Bear’ to the old favourite ‘Tall Single’. Find other spectacular blooms to start from seed in our full collection of flower seeds.

Sunflower Seeds FAQs

Providing plenty of colour and spectacle; sunflowers are both wildlife and bug-friendly and a favourite with children who love to watch them grow to spectacular heights. If you’d like some tips on sowing and growing sunflower seeds, the answers to these frequently asked questions contain helpful advice.

Are sunflowers hard to grow?

Sunflowers are easy to grow, but like any plant, they need optimal conditions to give their best display. Fertile, well-drained soil and a sheltered, sunny corner of the garden make a great spot for sunflowers, and while they will grow happily in pots and containers, if it’s the height you’re after, it’s best to grow them in the ground. For taller sunflowers, a stake will help protect them from the wind as they grow to their full height, which, depending on the variety, can be 2m and beyond!

When should you sow sunflower seeds?

Sow sunflower seeds in pots from April onwards. Fill 10cm pots with multi-purpose compost and poke a single seed into each. Water and put them in the greenhouse or on the windowsill until they germinate. Placing a clear plastic bag over each pot to create a mini-greenhouse is a great way to speed germination. Grow your young plants until they’re big enough to handle, then harden them off over a week or two before planting them into their final positions. Slugs and snails love tender young sunflowers, so you may wish to repot your seedlings into bigger pots to allow them to establish before you plant them out.

How long does it take for sunflower seeds to germinate?

Given warm soil, adequate moisture, and plenty of sunlight, sunflowers are quick to germinate, with most seeds sprouting within 7 to 10 days of sowing. Because sunflowers grow so quickly, it’s a great idea to sow them in succession, ensuring a steady stream of sunshine flowerheads right through the summer months.