Marigold Seeds

Buy marigold seeds for stunning colour from summer to autumn. Perfect for containers and hanging baskets. With a rich choice of colours ranging from red, to orange, to yellow, these flowers are also available in both single and double forms. This summer bedding plant needs to be started in a glasshouse or propagator and planted out in late spring after the frosts. We recommend always using a good organic compost when planting up and feed with organic fertiliser, on a monthly basis, throughout the summer. They're a fantastic option for brightening up the front of your home and can be used alongside carrots, beans and other edibles to deter aphids.

Marigold Seeds FAQs

Not only do marigolds look and smell divine, but they also make great companion plants too, helping to protect your brassicas from cabbage moths and white flies. If you’d like to sow and grow marigold seeds, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Where should I sow marigold seeds?

You can sow marigolds directly into the ground from March until the end of spring. To do this, choose a sunny spot with good drainage. Give the area a thorough weeding and rake the soil to a fine tilth – so that it forms small crumbs. Now, simply scatter your seeds and bury them with a thin layer of soil and water. If, when they germinate, your seedlings are clumped together, thin them out and replant them, leaving about a foot (30cm) between each one.

If you decide to sow indoors, you can get your marigolds started earlier, ready to plant out in early spring. If you’re growing this way, move your plants outside over a period of days, bringing them in at night until they’ve hardened off and can be planted into their final positions.

Marigolds are also suitable for growing in pots and containers. If you grow them this way, choose an appropriate-sized container for large varieties and always avoid overcrowding. Marigolds need plenty of air circulation to stay healthy. A handful of sand or vermiculite added to the compost will help drainage.

How long does it take marigolds to grow from seeds?

Given good growing conditions, it should take around eight weeks for your marigolds to bloom. Once the flowers appear, make sure you deadhead them regularly to encourage more blooms throughout the summer months. Marigolds make excellent cut flowers, but if you decide to include them in your flower vases, take some of the foliage, too, as this is where most of that lovely scent comes from.

Why won’t my marigold seeds germinate?

Old seeds, waterlogged conditions, too dry soil, lack of sunlight, and the predation of slugs and snails are among the reasons for disappointing results from your marigolds. Fortunately, though, these flowers germinate in 5-10 days, so if yours don’t come up, check if your growing environment is suitable and try again.