Fruit Trees

Browse our selection of fruit trees for lots of inspiring options for your garden or allotment. Growing fruit trees is a great way to encourage native wildlife and to enjoy a wonderful harvest of fresh fruit. Here at the Organic Gardening Catalogue, we're delighted to offer a wide range of fruit trees, from apple trees to pears, plums and even traditional quinces. If you're also looking for soft fruit seeds, plants and bushes, make sure you take a look at our main fruit page.

When is the best time to prune apple and pear trees?

The best time to prune apple and pear trees is between November and March when the trees are in their winter dormancy. Remove any dead or diseased branches, clearing the centre of the tree to improve airflow using sharp, clean tools to create a loose goblet shape. Try to keep pruning cuts as clean as possible to reduce the risk of disease. 

How to grow fruit trees in pots

Apples, pears, plums and cherries can all be grown successfully in patio pots. Go for a grafted tree variety with a dwarfing rootstock or a patio dwarf fruit tree to make sure your fruit tree stays at a manageable size for picking and pruning. Remember to choose a fruit tree which is self fertile or plant two varieties in the same pollination group so you get a good crop of tasty fruits every year.

Choose a large, heavy bottomed pot to grow your fruit trees to keep them stable. Use a multi-purpose compost with plenty of grit to improve drainage, making sure to refresh the top layer and mulch every year to keep them healthy and producing well.

How to grow plums and gages

Grow plums and gages in a sunny position with fertile free draining soil. The best time to plant your new tree is during its winter dormancy. Dig a wide planting hole and bury the root ball up to the juncture between root and stem, pressing the soil around the roots and adding a thick layer of mulch before watering well. 

Young plum and gage trees may need staking as they grow, so use a soft tie and make sure to allow a little bit of movement between the trunk and the stake. Water young trees every week for the first year. Give your trees a light prune in early summer to achieve the shape you want, always remembering to use clean, sharp tools to avoid silver leaf disease.