Vegetable Seeds - Available for despatch in next 7 days

Vegetable Seeds - Available for despatch in next 7 days

Growing vegetables from seeds

Growing organic vegetables from seed is a wonderfully rewarding way to ensure a steady and bountiful supply of delicious produce all year round. Healthy vegetable seeds produced using certified organic methods offer quality and variety at a price you can afford.

When to sow vegetable seeds

As a very general rule of thumb, the time for sowing most vegetable seeds is in the spring so they’re ready to plant out when the sun has warmed the soil and all threat of frost has passed. That said, seeds for brassicas like kale and broccoli are often sown in August or September and will happily withstand winter weather. There are also lots of overwintering alliums (onions, garlic and leeks) along with root veg like carrots and parsnips, which make great winter veg. 

How to plant vegetable seeds

Vegetable seeds require a wide range of planting techniques, from germinating in trays in the greenhouse to starting off in a propagator on the window sill or planting directly into the soil outside. Growing from seeds often involves pricking out the tiny seedlings to thin them out and then potting them on to create the best environment for each plant to thrive. For the right information on planting or sowing, you should always check the instructions on the seed packet. For more on sowing and growing a host of delicious vegetables, our vegetable growing guide contains lots of helpful advice.