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Hotbin Mini Composter - 100 Litre

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The HOTBIN Mini is a slimline hot composter designed for smaller gardens and for keen composters who have less waste. Half the volume of the HOTBIN Mk.2, the HOTBIN Mini is a 100-litre unit which benefits from all of the features on the Mk.2 model but on a smaller scale.

• Reaches 40-60°c for fast and effective composting
• Composts all food and garden waste
• Produces compost quickly – mulching in 30 days and general purpose in 90
• Compact – the slimline HOTBIN Mini is a better fit for smaller gardens with limited space
• Requires less waste to maintain hot composting temperatures - 2.5kg or 5 litres of waste per week

HOTBIN Mini features a much-requested leachate collection system. Leachate is naturally created as part of the HOTBIN composting process and can be used as a liquid fertiliser.
Like the Mk.2 HOTBIN, HOTBIN Mini has a sloped internal base which funnels the liquid towards the drainage cap like water draining from a shower tray. This liquid can be drained via the cap as required.
A new tongue and groove join helps improve the lid seal keeping the lid firmly closed preventing water ingress during heavy rainfall and locks in the heat helping the HOTBIN to work even more efficiently.
Hotbin's Material: Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) (50mm thick walls)
Lightweight - 96% air and 100% Recyclable

What’s Included:
• User Guide
• Lid Thermometer
• 1 Cam Strap (colour may vary)
• Kick Start Bottle
• Internal Thermometer
• Raking Stick
• 25L Bag of Bulking Agent: partially composted wood chip
Size: 450 mm wide x 450 mm deep x 1125 mm high (Requires 530mm depth & 1420 mm height for the lid to be fully opened.
Capacity: 100 litres
Weight : 4kg (when empty) | 18kg (including everything)
No assembly required
3-year manufacturers guarantee for the HOTBIN unit only, this excludes damage caused by wildlife and undue care. 12-month guarantee for the thermometers, kick start bottle, cam straps, rake and filter bag.


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