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Hotbin Mk2 Composter - 200 Litre

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HOTBIN compost bin capable of producing compost in just 30-90 days has now launched the new HOTBIN Mk.2, the second generation HOTBIN compost bin.

HOTBIN compost bin reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill by composting a wider variety of waste, all without the traditional composting problems of odours, flies, turning and tumbling.
Utilising hot composting methods HOTBIN is an aerobic compost bin that produces compost up to 32 times faster than traditional cold composting methods.

With unique insulation properties, HOTBIN reaches temperatures of 40-60C, composting a wider variety of waste that would ordinarily be possible with a wormery or cold composting. Fruit, vegetable peelings, grass cuttings, leaves, cooked food, meat and even bones can all go in whilst the high temperatures in the HOTBIN kill off weed seeds, pathogens and fly larvae. In addition to the HOTBIN being a sealed unit, odours commonly associated with composting are controlled with a built-in bio-filter in the HOTBIN lid reducing odours associated with the attraction of flies and vermin.

The HOTBIN Mk.2 incorporates a number of customers requested design features. There is a new leachate collection system allowing for the collection of liquid fertiliser from a built-in tap at the bottom of the unit. An improved seal around the lid locks in even more heat and prevents any water ingress during heavy rainfall. Finally, the protruding hinge on the original bin has been designed into the body of the unit reducing the overall footprint and streamlining the design.
As a hot aerobic compost bin, the HOTBIN Mk.2 is able to produce compost 32 times faster than traditional composting methods without the need for any turning or tumbling. Bacteria break down waste and produce heat as a by-product, this heat is then insulated within the HOTBIN allowing the internal temperature to rise and for all food and garden waste including cooked food, small bones and perennial weeds to be composted faster.

A sealed unit, the HOTBIN Mk.2 includes a bio-filter in the lid to trap any composting odours reducing the attraction of pests and vermin.

The HOTBIN Mk. 2 is designed and manufactured in the UK. Manufactured from 100% recyclable expanded polypropylene. 3-year manufacturers guarantee for the HOTBIN unit only, this excludes damage caused by wildlife and undue care. 12-month guarantee for the thermometers, kick
start bottle, cam straps, rake and filter bag.

  • 200 litre capacity
  • Heats up to 40-60C
  • Composts food and garden waste
  • Excludes vermin and flies
  • Large hatch panel
  • Biofilter absorbs smells
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