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WASPINATOR, single pack WPIN

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Waspinator creates a large wasp free zone without killing wasps and without disturbing the insect world in your garden. No mess or chemicals to clear up, no dead wasps, no maintenance and no wasps!

Wasps are scared away by Waspinator as they think it's an enemy nest. Wasps will stay well away from wherever you put it. Highly effective and simple to use, just hang it up - that's it!

Make your home, loft, garage, school, playgroup or workplace a wasp free zone!

- Use anywhere you can eat or drink outside.

- Hang under a tree.

- Hang under/around the eaves of your house.

- Safe anywhere children play.

- Take it with you on picnics, take it camping or caravanning.

- Use in your loft or garage.

Single Pack.

Sowing and Usage
Directions for use: Puff out the sides and make it as big as it will go. To help Waspinator retain its shape, and in windy conditions, youcan put srunched up supermarket carrier bags (the really thin ones) inside, or a balloon (don't blow it up before you put it in). Pull the toggle on the drawstring so it is tight against the base of the Waspinator, and keep pulling until completely closed. Tuck the drawstring inside the base. Hang the Waspinator from the loop at the top NOT from the drawstring.  Hang it near the area you wish to be wasp free and soon any wasps in the area will fly away. For use in a loft or garage, any existing nest or hibernating Queen will need to be dealt with before Waspintor will work.  

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