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Sprays and Powders

In an organic garden, preventative action is always prefered to curative methods. It is important to start with a good 'living soil' sustaining healthy plants which are better able to withstand pest and disease attacks. Crop rotation is essential in avoiding soil-borne diseases, and pests can be minimised by encouraging predators, our natural allies.

The products in this section can be used when necessary to correct a particular problem getting out of hand. Although approved for use in an organic garden, don't forget they may also kill beneficial insects. AI = Active Ingredient.

Best Practice for Spraying:

1. Choose an appropriate spray after identifying the problem.

2. Only use for applications mentioned on the product label

3. Follow instructions precisely.

4. Only make up as much as you need; never store made up spray.

5. Spray only in still weather to avoid drift. 

6. Never spray when bees are working - the evening is often best.

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