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Cucumber Seeds - Saver Package (Organic) 780865

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Cucumber Saver Package contains varieties Muncher and Paska F1. Muncher - Stocky 23-30cm fruits. Tender, burpless and not bitter. Vigorous, best given support. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus. 28 seeds. Paska F1 - A "greenhouse" type. Cucumber that you can actually grow outdoors (provided the position is not too exposed), medium-short fruited (22-25cm), parthenocarpic, it means it sets fruit without pollination. This means you'll always have a reliable crop. Smooth skinned with slight ribbing and high yielding. Sow February-May. Harvest July-September. 6 seeds.

Crops 12 weeks from sowing. Sow seed singly on edge in 9cm pots under glass at 18-21°C (65-70°F) February-May for greenhouse crops or April-May for outdoors. Later pot on plants into large pots, about 25cm in size, or plant them out in a frame/greenhouse or outdoors. (Do not plant in cold frames until May.) Maintain night temperatures of 16-18°C (60-65°F). For standard greenhouse varieties, remove male flowers leaving the female ones (distinguished by swelling on stem behind petals). For standard outdoor varieties leave on both male and female flowers. ‘All female’ varieties produce virtually 100% female flowers which means they will not set fruit without insects for pollination. Harvest July-September. Low in calories & refreshing (96% water).


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