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Green Manure Seeds

Growing a 'green manure' is an easy and effective way to add vital organic matter to the soil anywhere in your garden or allotment. The foliage helps to suppress weeds and provides cover for beetles and other pest-eating creatures. The roots will help improve your soil structure.

'N Fixers' absorb nitrogen from the air, whilst 'N Lifters' absorb surplus soil nutrients so they are not washed away by rain.

When the green manure plants are dug back into the soil they decay to release their nutrients for whatever you plant next. Plan green manures into your vegetable crop rotation; grow them anywhere the soil would otherwise be left empty for six weeks or longer.

You can still use green manures with a 'No Dig' system. Plants can be hoed off or killed with a mulch. Autumn sown, frost tender varieties are killed off over winter, leaving a protective cover of dead foliage.

Green Manure Caution! As green manures decay in the soil they release compounds that inhibit germination of small seeds. This particularly applies to overwintered plants, e.g. rye, tares, and clover. Avoid problems by following green manures with a transplanted crop, sets or tubers. Do not sow seeds until at least 4 weeks after digging in the green manure.