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Saved by HSL

We are delighted to be able to offer a selection of seeds from the Heritage Seed Library (HSL) Collection for sale. These are varieties that were once held in the HSL Collection, but following the introduction of a new category in the European Common Catalogue, commercial seed companies have recognised their potential and listed them. This now means that the sale of these varieties is now legal.

The focus of the work of The Heritage Seed Library will always be conservation and protecting biodiversity, by conserving unlisted varieties that are not available elsewhere the Heritage Seed Library can ensure the future survival of these precious resources.

As varieties become listed in common catalogues and are commercially available the HSL think that it is sensible to offer this seed for sales to prevent it going to waste. The income generated from these sales will support the work they do with those varieties that are currently unlisted and will help them continue to conserve the varieties they hold.  Please feel free to make an extra donation to HSL via their website as this will also allow HSL to continue their conservation work particularly with those varieties currently awaiting trial for potential inclusion into the HSL Collection.

All of the following varieties originated from Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library, due to the unique way in which the library is managed using volunteer seed guardians it is not possible to certify this seed as organic, although as seed guardians they are encouraged to follow Garden Organic's Organic Guidelines.

Tomato Plants - Sutton (3 Super Plugs) (Non Organic)
Shipping from 29/05/19
TOMATO Beefsteak (organic) TOBF
 Awaiting Delivery