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MELON Blenheim Orange, 5 plants (organic) VMEB

5 Super Plugs

SKU: 784333
Usually Despatched: End of April to July
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Lovely and juicy, perfect for summer fruit salads.

Blenheim Orange is an old and tried variety with a wonderful flavour and deliciously sweet fragrance. It has a slightly netted skin and scarlet flesh with a sweet flavour. Produces large fruits.

Best grown in a greenhouse or under cover.

Can be grown in: Best grown in a greenhouse or under cover. If you are growing them upwards, they will need net hammocks to support the weight of the fruit. Alternatively, you can grow them at ground level, but you will need to place the fruit on a wooden board or similar to stop the fruit from rotting.

In the kitchen: Lovely and juicy when ripe. Can be eaten on its own or makes a tasty addition to a fruit salad. 

Can be grown in: Pots and containers, grow bags, raised beds. They will need a support to climb.

Organically grown vegetable plants, to pick and mix whatever you want to grow.  Ideal for those who don’t have the time, space or confidence to start plants from seed, just open the box and get growing.  The plants are despatched from late April/early May depending on the conditions. They will arrive packed in straw in their own individual biodegradable pots, or bare rooted depending on variety, hardened off and ready to be transplanted into your garden.

Plug plants and 9 cm potted plants will continue to be supplied in cardboard boxes as in the past although we hope for the future to find an effective paper based sealing tape. On all plants displaying this box symbol a surcharge of £5.95 will continue to apply for every order as these plants have for a number of years been supplied through a third party and not our own UK nursery. We are working with a supplier of vegetable material based-pots and bags and hope to be able to switch to these alternatives at the earliest opportunity.

Please supply an email address when ordering so that we can let you know your plants are ready 7 days before sending. Delivery to UK MAINLAND addresses only.

Stocks may be limited for some varieties and in some cases it may be necessary to send a close substitute.



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