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Grafted Tomato Plants - Ruby Falls (3 Super Plugs) (Organic)

SKU: 262471
Usually Despatched: From April
Shipping from 08/04/19
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I found these tomatoes at a specialist tomato breeder last year and was totally amazed by them. The plants produce dense columns of crinkled and curled leaves which are slimmer and more compact than regular tomato plants, meaning you can get more plants closer together, perfect for a smaller greenhouse. The plants are very productive, producing large, cherry-sized fruit which are deep red in colour, with green striping which fades as the fruit ripens. Each truss is held away from the plants and it makes picking exceptionally easy. The fruit has a sweet, rich flavour which intensifies when cooked. In fact, out of a greenhouse full of varieties, this was the one I kept going back to and eating. 3 Super Plugs.

Part of the Rob Smith Grafted Veg Range. Organic Grafted Plants - 75% more fruit, great flavour PLUS more pest & disease resistant! 

The Grafting Process - Grafted plants use rootstock which is more resistant towards soil borne pests and diseases, thus giving naturally 'easy to care for' plants which need less pest control and are ideal to grow organically. We hand graft our entire grafted collection, the only machine that is used is a grading machine. This is to grade the plant size through photography to ensure the best match in a graft. It takes seven different skilled people to complete the grafting process for one plant, producing 180 Organic plants every hour. The top of a tasty fruiting plant variety and a super strong rootstock are skilfully and meticulously removed by hand using a small blade to slice at an angle across each stem. They are then grafted together using a special clip which drops off naturally as the plant grows.

Our organically grown vegetable plants allow you to to ‘pick and mix’ whatever you want to grow! They’re ideal if you don’t have the time, space or confidence to start from seed. All plug plants are despatched from late April-early May depending on the conditions. 

They will arrive packed in a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable tray. Delivery to UK MAINLAND addresses only. There is no delivery surcharge on plants packaged in trays. These plants will be coming from our own UK nursery.


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