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Grafted Tomato Plants - Nimbus (3 Super Plugs) (Organic)

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ROB SAYS - ‘Nimbus’ is sometimes compared to ‘Moneymaker’ because of its size. It’s correct that it forms fruits which weigh about 75g and that they’re a beautiful pillar box red colour, but there the similarity ends. ‘Nimbus’ produces early maturing fruits which crop earlier in the season and are resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Fusarium and Cladosporium, making it a reliable cropper both in the greenhouse and outdoors. The fruits are so versatile as both fresh and cooked tomatoes, you’ll be lucky if you make it back in the house without snacking on a few on the way! Try topping halved tomatoes with breadcrumbs, capers, chopped anchovies, slivers of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil for a great side dish to go with fish." Please note: There is a possibility that your plant will include a grafting clip, if it does, this is an integral part of the grafting process and that it should be left in place. As the plant grows it will naturally shrug off the clip.

"I've decided to graft an exclusive range of fantastic vegetables. Not only are they great for the allotment, but for the garden and containers as well! Grafting means they'll produce up to 75% more produce and they're more resistant to disease. Try them in the ground or in containers on the patio for veg all summer long."


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