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Tomato Grafted Crimson Crush (3)

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Crimson Crush has the best tolerance to late blight disease we have ever seen! Plants can still exhibit infection on up to 15-20% of the leaf surface, but that's when the resistance kicks in and previously healthy plants can normally grow away from the attack! For 2016 we are able, for the first time, following extensive trialing, Crimson Crush is available as grafted plants!

As well as its ability to shrug off even the worst blight, Crimson Crush will provide great yields of exceptionally fine tasting, large, round tomatoes (each weighing up to 200g). Bred for outdoor growing, it's the tomato that everyone should be planting this year!

Why have we grafted Crimson Crush? Grafting onto specific rootstocks of course creates bigger, better, more disease-resistant plants with increased yield. Consequently, we believe, the extra vigour which the plant obtains will provide even better protection to late Blight attack and the plants will grow away from any infection even more rapidly.

(Cordon variety - one stem grown by pinching off side-shoots as they appear, needs staking and tying in.) This is not just a blight resistant tomato it is a blight beating tomato. Never be disappointed with your tomato crop when blight strikes again.  Ideal for the home or the allotment.


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