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Grafted Aubergine Plants - Meatball (3 Super Plugs) (Organic)

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ROB SAYS - Aubergines are notoriously difficult to grow well, not germinating or producing poor fruit growth. Even when you’ve grown them, they can be lacking in flavour and sometimes bitter. ‘Meatball’, however, is the exception to the rule!

This new variety was bred by combining the best traits of both heritage and hybrid varieties to give you an aubergine of excellence. ‘Meatball’ gives you 12cm fruits with few seeds, dense meaty flesh which can be used as a meat substitute in many dishes, even grilling like steak or chops. The flesh is sweet and solid with a succulent buttery consistency. An added bonus is that ‘Meatball’ won't oxidise and go brown like regular aubergines and you don't need to sprinkle with salt to get rid of the excess water, you can just chop it and cook it. Try ‘Meatball’ cooked like you normally do in a moussaka, or why not try it raw in salads, shaped into meatballs, or have a go at the dessert ‘Melanazane al cioccolato’ (think of a beetroot and chocolate cake but 100 times better). ‘Meatball’ will revolutionise the way you think of and use aubergine forever. Please note: There is a possibility that your plant will include a grafting clip, if it does, this is an integral part of the grafting process and that it should be left in place. As the plant grows it will naturally shrug off the clip.

What's so good about grafted veg plants? We are revolutionising the home grown vegetable market with our range of grafted vegetable plants! Commercially the grafting method has been used for some time, but we've developed them for the home gardener, and early adopters have had extraordinary results: • Big increases in yield from larger, more vigorous plants - up to 75% • Earlier cropping, yet with sufficient vigour to crop well later in the season • Grow in the greenhouse or outdoors - little or no heating required • Excellent resistance to soil-borne pest and diseases - no more ring culture or grow bags - plant straight in the soil • Greater tolerance to nutritional disorders


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