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Spring Planting Ecobulbs

Enjoy glorious colour in your garden with our organic Ecobulbs. 

Why choose organic bulbs? Ecobulbs are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. They are therefore free from the harmful neonicotinoids found in most commercially grown bulbs, that are known to affect our vital pollinators. With Ecobulbs, you can expect higher quality, longer flowering bulbs and be assured that they are good for nature too.

Delivery of bulbs is expected March for Spring planting. Please see individual descriptions for more details. In the event of shortages we may substitute with a similar variety.

Bulb Compost x 1 Bag
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Bulb Compost x 3 Bags
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Long Handled Bulb Planter - 590532
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Bulb Planting Starter Kit BUPK
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