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MUSHROOMS Chicken of the Woods Dowels (non organic) MUCW

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Bright yellow, thick and fleshy like chicken, this is a big mushroom which likes to grow on a large oak or beech log part buried like a stump.

100 dowels for innoculating hard wood logs.

Kit comes with full instructions.

Available from Autumn to early Spring.

Logs should be cut from healthy trees during the dormant season - leaf fall in autumn to before bud swell in spring. 10-15cm diameter is ideal with undamaged bark. A 50cm log takes 10-15 dowels. Use dowels to innoculate the log within 6 weeks of cutting, only one type of spawn per log. You will need an electric driill with bit for 9mm dowels, a hammer to tap them in, and pan and stove to melt the sealing wax. Full instructions included with aftercare for the logs. You do need to be patient as it can be months until they decide to fruit. When they do, you will get up to the third of the logs dry weight over a four week period. The log will fruit again for several years if kept properly.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Not certified organically grown.


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