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Comfrey Plants - 5 Bare Root Plants

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'Bocking 14' is a type of Russian comfrey and is a truly magical plant in the garden. It's a member of the borage family and boasts a higher nutrient content than common comfrey. 'Bocking 14 is high in potassium (K) potash (P) and nitrogen (N), which are required for healthy plant growth, larger flowers and bigger fruit crops. This sterile variety won't spread as it doesn't produce seeds, so it stays where you plant it, unlike common comfrey which can become invasive. Leaves can be added to compost bins as a natural compost activator, they can be shredded and used as a nutrient-rich mulch around fruit and tomatoes. Plus, you can also make your own liquid fertiliser (Comfrey tea) from the leaves which can be harvested several times a year. Comfrey is also a fantastic bee magnet, with its small, purple, bell-shaped flowers. Height 90-100cm; spread 90-100cm. (PLEASE NOTE: Harmful if eaten.)

Did you know 'Bocking 14' leaves contain up to three times more potassium than farmyard manure.

Ideal for beds and borders. Attractive to butterflies and bees. Grows well in sun or shade.


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