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Hug Rugs

The world's most environmentally friendly barrier mat.

Designed from the outset to have a light environmental footprint helping protect the world we live in. Engineered to keep dirty footprints out of the home you live in. Hug Rug believe in fair and ethical trading and ensure that all of the cotton and materials that go into making them come from approved sources.

* 100% Recycled Content

* Traps up to 95% Dust, Dirt and Mud

* Genuinely Manufactured in the UK

* 100% Recyclable

* Washable at 30°C

* Sustainable Lifecycle

These barrier mats ar designed to be used INDOORS. They're perfect for around the home, in the porch or entrance hall, garden room, conservatory or indeed anywhere you choose!

All barrier mats come with and ECO-GENICS backing. Made from recycled car tyre powder, the backing is non-slip, heavy weight, antislip and antistain. Fully machine washable at 30°C.