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Earth Cycle Compost is a nutrient dense organic soil conditioner based on composted plant material. Ideal, all round product for your general gardening and horticultural needs.

Incorporation improves drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils and adds body to light sandy soils, helping to retain moisture and nutrients during warm weather.

It improves soil fertility by adding vital humus and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate, potash and trace elements, encouraging healthy plant growth. Nutrients are released over many weeks as the compost breaks down naturally in the soil.

Such natural slow release sustains strong root growth, flowering and fruiting and keeps foliage green and healthy. It also boosts beneficial soil life leading to healthy soil microbial activity that helps to naturally suppress plant diseases.

Compost enhances moisture retention in soil, leading to improved drought resistance meaning that more moisture is available for your plants during dry periods which is critical for them to flourish.

Sowing and Usage
General Soil Improvement Earth Cycle Compost benefits all kinds of soils. It helps to lighten heavy clay soils and make them more workable. It improves the structure of light soils, enhances water-holding, reduces loss of nutrients (leaching) and stimulates beneficial soil life. Spread a layer 5-10cm (2-4") deep on flower beds, borders and vegetable plots, and fork in to 15cm (6"). Planting Roses, Trees and Shrubs Soak the root-ball in a bucket of water. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball; at least 30cm (1ft) if planting a bare-root. Mix one part of Earth Cycle Compost to two parts of soil. Place some of the mix in the bottom of the hole and refill around the roots. Firm in carefully and water well. During the first season water well. Planting and growing young plants Compost is a very versatile product with multiple uses around the garden. Many experienced gardeners have their own methods of using green compost which is related to their horticultural experience, the plants that they are growing, the growing environment etc. When used for potting or growing young plants we recommend mixing the compost in a ratio of 3 parts of garden soil, composted bark, coir, expanded wood fibre or other suitable media with 1 part of compost.  
What is the best time of year to apply to soil?
Rosemary Jordan
Answer (10/10/17)
It can be applied any time, but the best time is early in the year February-April.

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