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STRULCH GARDEN MULCH, 100 litres x 2

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Strulch - Mineralised Straw Mulch, an environmentally friendly alternative to peat in compost and a more efficient way of using wheat straw as mulch.

Lasting weed control, tried and tested at the University of Leeds Experimental Gardens, The Earth Centre, The Eden Project and RHS Harlow Carr Gardens.
Reduces watering
Adds organic matter
Environmentally friendly
Greatly improves soil structure

Wet straw tends to rot down before the end of the growing season, taking nutrients from the soil. If rotting occurs when the plants are young, it can result in sever nitrogen immobilisation, causing reduced growth. Geoff Whitley in the School of Biology, Leeds, has developed a new technique to address this problem using naturally occurring soil minerals to stabilise and condition the milled straw.

As a visually appealing mulch it will last up to 2 years. Each bag will cover up to 3 sq.m. applied in a 4-5cm thick layer and can be incorporated into compost or soil to improve soil structure.

Click here for details of how and where Strulch is being successfully used. Also a more in depth explanation of the product itself, and background to the development of Strulch.

Delivered to UK Mainland Only.

Sowing and Usage
Spend less time weeding Strulch reduces weed growth by up to 95% Save water Strulch helps retain moisture around plants Improve your soil Strulch enriches soil and its structure Use all around the garden Strulch is suitable around flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables Save time and money Strulch, the mineralised straw garden mulch, lasts up to two years, spreading the cost, saving water and fertiliser, making your plants grow healthier and stronger and giving you more time to relax. Slug and Snail deterrent The physical properties of Strulch together with the embedded minerals deters slugs and snails.
Hi - Is the Strulch Garden Mulch priced at 21.95 for 100 litres or 200 litres ( as it says 100 litres x 2 STRULCH at 21.95)? Thank you!
Answer (20/08/17)
You get 2 bags for 21.95 - so 200 litres in total.

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