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Wormcity Wormery

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Worms enjoy eating vegetable peelings, trimmings and leftovers and a wormery is a great and quick way to make your own nutritious compost and liquid plant food. 

The best selling 100 litre Wormcity has four generously sized stacking composting trays which rest on top of each other. When finished compost is emptied from the bottom tray, it can be placed on top of the stack to start filling again. The worms stay mainly in the top trays where the newest material is added, so they will look after themselves without needing to be handled. The mesh bottom of each tray remains in contact with the food below. As the worms eat the waste and it loses volume the trays sink down, making it easy for the worms to migrate from one level to the other. Worms cant jump!

Concentrated liquid plant food created by the composting process is collected in a sump at the base of the wormery and emptied using the tap. Just add water and feed directly onto the soil around the base of plants. Some worms will wander down into the sump, but its clever stepped design means they can climb out again to get back to work.

The Wormcity uses a solid base making it totally stable when fully loaded. The lid can be tied on, to keep it secure in windy conditions, or to stop children, dogs or wildlife accessing the waste.

Your wormery comes complete with 500g composting worms and 250g worm food which will be delivered with your wormery.

Designed and made in England, from UV protected recycled plastic. It won't go brittle when exposed to sunlight.

5 year warranty.

Dimensions:  Width / Length / Depth per tray: 43cm x 43cm x 17cm (25.2 Litres). Approximate height when full: 85cm.


4 Composting Trays
1 x Sump (for Liquid Collection)
1 x Sump Tray
1 x Base Unit Stand
1 x Easy Turn Tap and Back Nut
1 x Lid
2 x Screws and Wing Nuts
Full instructions
1 x Coir Block (Makes 9 Litres of Initial Bedding)  


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