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A multi purpose gardening tool evolved and made in India.

The Kirpi can hoe, cut through stems and lever out stubborn weeds.

Hand made from recycled steel and sustainably produced wood. Every purchase of a Kirpi Weeder helps support an organic growing trust in India.


4.5 of 10 Stars
8 Reviews

5 of 5 Stars
23-Jul-2015 Janet Fleming

I bought one of these many years ago and having just moved into the worst garden I have ever seen decided I needed to treat myself to a new one. Brilliant item that has done excellent service over the years and still going strong, If I could only have one tool in the world it would be this wonderful item.
My advice is buy one.

5 of 5 Stars
23-Apr-2014 Muzammal Hussain

I have found my kirpi tool to be a gem! I bought it just under a year ago, and have used it regularly on our small allotment plot, worked on through a permaculture approach.

It is truly multi-finctional. Excellent for strategic hoeing; Fun to crop and mulch; And just started also using it to drill lines for seeds.

It also fits neatly into my small rucksack (after wrapping it carefully in an old t-shirt first!). It's the single best gardening tool I have bought. I recommend it.

4 of 5 Stars
20-Feb-2013 Tony Malone

An excellent tool that you will use every day in a variety of ways. I am getting a new one as mine is now, sadly, being 'retired'. The blade may work loose from the handle (mine did), and because of the grade of metal used you may find the blade will bend out of shape if used in very hard ground, hence 4 not 5 stars. But I do think this quickly becomes an essential tool on the allotment or garden, and it is all in a good cause, so do not hesitate to try one.

5 of 5 Stars
16-Sep-2012 Carl Duffin

Absolutely fantastic tool. The hoeing edge is hard wearing and sharp enough for hand hoeing, the serrated edge excellent for cropping green manures and harvesting and the blunt back end for cutting shallow drills for seeding. I can't fault it and I am happy that some of the proceeds are helping local villages to make a living. Just excellent.

5 of 5 Stars
11-Sep-2012 Stephen Griffiths

Just purchasing my third Kirpi.
Number one has been used and sharpened for several years and is so worn out on my stoney soil that it is now due for an honourable retirement. Number two is still my favourite weeding tool and still has many years ahead of it.
Unfortunately my partner has discovered just how useful it is and we now have to share it. So this is why I am buying another one, no more disputes over who gets to use the Kirpi!
The front edge works well on weeds and can be easily sharpened to keep the blade keen. The back serrated edge is really good for those tough weeds and hacks them down easily. Also the serrated edge is a great tool for cutting my Comfrey crop two or three times a year for feeding the tomatoes.
And lastly the hooky bit; its superb for hauling out stubborn weed roots especially when they are close to crops which you don't want to harm.
Unreservedly recommended, worth every penny.

5 of 5 Stars
10-Aug-2012 Kath Gavin

I received this as a present a couple of years ago and it has become my favourite gardening tool. I keep the outside blade sharp for speedy and accurate hand hoeing.The inside sharp teeth are particularly useful for harvesting veg (especially leafy crops) and 'chopping and dropping' green manures (i.e. cutting the top growth off and leaving on the soil surface as a protective mulch, rather than the hard work of disturbing the soil by digging it in). Give one to a gardener you love.

5 of 5 Stars
21-Feb-2012 The OGC

We are very sorry that you are not happy with your Kirpi. The Kirpis are made of recycled metal, e.g. from the leaf springs of lorries. These tools cannot be made from stainless steel as they are hand-worked (including cutting the serrations) but it is possible that your particular Kirpi was not tempered properly after being made. We've never had a complaint of this kind before (we've been selling them many years) and would like to offer to refund you the purchase price.

1 of 5 Stars
28-Jan-2012 Maureen Redden

Following a recommendation in an article by Monty Don, I purchased this tool for my husband as a gift. This is a good tool, however it is made from inferior metal. My husband has only used it once for weeding on soft ground and already it is showing signs of wear and tear!
We believe it should have been made from stronger, more durable material.
This has been hugely disappointing and we do not consider it was worth the price paid.
Regret we cannot recommend the tool as it is.

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