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3 Steps to Success! 1 litre of SM3, SM4 and SM5 for just £26.95 - RRP £33.85 SAVE 20%

Chase SM3 seaweed extract now has two complementary feeds to give season-long organic and animal free plant nutrition. Chase SM4 will enhance leaf and root growth in young and developing plants, whilst our NEW Chase SM5 formula provides the higher potash content required as fruit grows and ripens.

Chase SM3: A natural plant growth stimulant made from seaweed responsibly harvested from the shores of the British Isles. Chase SM3 enables plants to make efficient use of nutrients, leading to improved yield, taste and colour, and increased resistance to pests and diseases, drought and marginal frosts. Regular use has a cumulative effect on your garden.

Add just a capful of Chase SM3 every time you fill the watering can to keep your plants in tip top shape throughout the season. Can also be applied using a sprayer. Chase SM3 is also recommended when transplanting to help establishment.

Chase SM4: Chase SM4 is a blend of plant derived nutrients and Chase seaweed extract. It is a complete organic, animal free biostimulant and plant food with an NPK analysis of 5-2-5, together with Calcium, Iron and Magnesium and other trace elements, plus the benefits of seaweed. For use on vegetables, fruit, flowers and lawns, Chase SM4 stimulates beneficial soil microbes, resulting in a stronger, more extensive root system to absorb more nutrients. It also promotes healthy stem and leaf growth, providing a larger area for photosynthesis and increased chlorophyll production. An excellent all round plant food, particularly good for heavy feeders such as tomatoes and cauliflowers.

Mix 20ml Chase SM4 in 5 litres of water and apply with a sprayer or watering can. Any run off into the soil will be absorbed through the roots. Apply every 7-14 days through the growing season.

Chase SM5: With a nutrient balance high in potash, Chase SM5 will encourage bigger yields of better tasting crops of tomatoes, sweet peppers, aubergines, cucumbers, strawberries and many other fruiting plants, as well as improving all round plant growth and development.
Chase SM5 is also recommended for use on decorative plants, promoting stronger and longer flowering, with richer, more intense colours. Can be used on container grown plants and those growing in soil.

Mix 50ml in 10 litres of water and apply 1.25-2.5 litres per plant direct to the soil for absorption through the roots at 7-14 day intervals.

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