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It’s a Garden. It’s a Composter. It’s a Wormery. All in one!

New to the UK, the incredible Garden Tower can grow 50 plants of all sorts in less than 1 square metre. The unique design and process leads to faster growth and healthy crops. Kitchen scraps are fed into the central core to be consumed and processed by worms, which move around in the outer areas to nourish the plants, so the compost is constantly self-conditioned. Also the liquid produced by the worms collects in the base to be recycled as plant food. Integrated roller balls enable the tower to be rotated for ease of access and move plants into sunlight. Other benefits include no digging or cultivating, minimal weeding, reduced water loss, and it’s good for all ages and for those with restricted mobility.

Made from Food Grade, 100% recyclable durable HDPE plastic, shown to give at least seven years’ service in trials in the hot weather of Texas. The Garden Tower is an investment which can give many years of satisfaction growing a huge variety of crops, and has many delighted users “across the pond” in the USA and Canada.

What you will need to complete your Garden Tower:

180 litres of compost: We recommend Wool Compost, 6 x 30 litre bags for £59.95. Code: WOOL6
Compost worms: 250g pack for £19.95. Code: WORM

Delivery direct from UK importer.

Garden Tower Project offer UK customers a 3 year full part replacement guarantee for any failure outside of product misuse or abuse.

We regret Garden Organic Membership discount is not applicable to this product.

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LAWN CHAMOMILE TRENEAGUE (50) available May 2017
LAWN CHAMOMILE TRENEAGUE (50) available May 2017
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