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ONION SETS Autumn Planting Radar

ONION SETS Autumn Planting Radar
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Superb quality Demeter standard onion sets for planting in September and October.

Very hardy and early maturing (in the following summer). Mild flavour and crunchy texture.

500g when packed, approx 130 sets

Despatched Mid September to Mid October.

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4 Reviews

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8-Nov-2016 Patricia Hobbs

I've grown Radar for 3 years, after never being able to grow onions. I'm very pleased with the results. Planting in Autumn saves a job in the Spring. Yes a few get pulled out, so some netting is needed to prevent that. If you have spare sets, give them away! Onions are very good for our health, and we eat some nearly every day.
Radar are harvested from June, and I've ordered Spring-planting sets for keeping for Winter after we've run out of Radar.

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29-Sep-2016 Rosalind Riley

I grew these last year (harvested summer 2016) and had great results. I even took second prize in our (tiny) village show for my "3 onions less than 250g". I started eating them while still green, excellent and unctuous when cooked down. I have the remaining ones stored and am very happy with them. I am a long-term gardener but relatively new to growing onions, so will try them again this year and see what happens. It was a wet warm winter followed by a warm dry Spring and Summer. I protected them with netting initially and did have to poke a few back in; also some went to seed but I think that's because I didn't know to keep an eye out for this.

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20-Oct-2014 Andrew Sutton

I agree with the previous reviewer that it would be better to supply these in smaller volumes (up to 50) as even with an allotment I can't grow 130 sets and plenty get discarded.

I have to say these were not a success. I planted out in October 2013 and netted them but had a lot of issues finding them "pulled out" - I have been told this was possibly by worms and to be fair I have never seen as many worms as congregated anywhere as in my onion patch.

The few that did survive to started to sprout in late December but the bulb never got much bigger than twice the original set bulb size. As the same issue affected my Electric Red bulbs too its possible that the issue was related to the ground at my allotment. Shallots grown adjacent fared slightly better.

I think I will try overwintering again but maybe change the variety and obviously change the location.

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25-Aug-2014 Marcus Offer

Yes, I would buy them but why 130 sets?! If i only want 20 - 30 unions.....?? The 50 offered of red onions makes more sense but even that is quite a lot for me since I prefer to plant several varieties of allium rather than swamp the garden space with just white onions or red onions when I want garlic, leeks and shallots for the same space as well.

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ONION SETS Autumn Planting Comred (50 onions)
ONION SETS Autumn Planting Comred (50 onions)
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