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LAWN CHAMOMILE TRENEAGUE (25) available May 2017

LAWN CHAMOMILE TRENEAGUE (25) available May 2017
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A non-flowering chamomile that cannot be grown from seed. Supplied as small sections of runner that will quickly form roots when potted on or planted out 10cm apart.

No mowing or cutting required, and it gives a fragrant apple scented 'lawn'.

Deliveries commence from mid May, dependent on seasonal conditions.

We usually stop taking orders by the end of May, but in some years we will continue to sell when there are plants available.

25 sections/runners.

Growing instructions

Lawn Chamomile Treneague is a non-flowering herb which makes a fragrant, evergreen carpet. The finely divided leaves create a feathery appearance and release a strong apple like scent when bruised or trodden on. Chamomile plants grow as small rosettes sending out side shoots which in turn form rosettes and join up creating a lawn. In smaller gardens a chamomile lawn makes a superb grass substitute except in areas of heavy use or where children play. It does not need mowing. If you only have a very small garden, plant into containers near your favourite bench or in-between paving slabs.

When your plants arrive

When you receive your Chamomile unpack straight away. Lay the young bare root plants in a tray of water for a few hours to help them recover from the journey. Always plant making sure you cover the stems up to the base of the rosette. Roots will form along the buried stems and new rosettes will branch off. Water plants in well after planting. You may notice some yellowing of the leaves this is quite normal. After 2-3 weeks you will see the plants starting to grow. Keep an eye on watering if the weather and soil is very dry for the next 4 weeks until they are established. If you have a high population of slugs or snails in the area adding some form of slug trap or pellets whilst the plants are young is advisable. If your ground is not ready or the weather not suitable when the Chamomile arrive, pot them up into individual pots using a good potting compost and grow on in a cold frame. Plant out later once the soil and weather conditions have improved.

Cultivation and Growing

Chamomile are easy to grow in any ordinary garden soil, provided it is reasonably free draining and not too stony, and are situated in the sun most of the day. Do not plant with grass, because eventually the grass will take over from the Chamomile. Before planting make sure the soil is clean and free from all perennial weeds. We recommend planting the Chamomile rosettes spaced 10-15cm (4-6in) apart. If planted in the spring, the ground should almost be completely covered over by the following autumn. Chamomile is not a greedy feeder but every couple of years a top dressing of general fertiliser in spring is recommended. If many bare stems are showing in spring when growth starts sprinkle some sieved compost on top of them to encourage new side shoots to develop. If the ground becomes compacted from walking, a gentle loosening of the soil with a fork will help new side shoots to root more easily.

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