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WINTER SQUASH Honey Bear (3 plants)
WINTER SQUASH Honey Bear (3 plants)
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ROOTRAINERS Rapid 8cm (Double packs)

ROOTRAINERS Rapid 8cm (Double packs)
The perfect start for plants that need deep root structures or that are sensitive to soil disturbance. Each pack comprises 32 cells 8cm deep and hinged at the base for transplanting, support frame and clear lid.

8cm deep ideal for bedding/container plants and salad vegetables.

Double pack 64 cells in all. Re-usable many times.

12cm deep version also available for runner beans, vegetables, sweet peas and herbaceous plants - Order code ROOT.

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LETTUCE Webb's Wonderful
LETTUCE Webb's Wonderful
ROOTRAINERS Deep 12cm (Double packs)
ROOTRAINERS Deep 12cm (Double packs)
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