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GRASS MIX Slow Grow (1.5kg)
GRASS MIX Slow Grow (1.5kg)
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A disinfectant for those hard to reach areas of empty greenhouses. The alternative is to wash with a liquid disinfectant such as Citrox, but the candle smoke will find it's way into nooks and crannies that washing won't. Sufficient to disinfect any size greenhouse up to 10 cubic metres in volume - approximately a 3m x 2m (10ft x 6ft) greenhouse. For larger greenhouses, use further candles simultaneously, as appropriate.

Easy to use. Full instructions on pack. Note: all plants must be removed from the greenhouse before using the candle.

Please note this product will not clean the greenhouse; if necessary, sweep and wash the greenhouse prior to disinfecting. Read all precautions before use. See that all doors, ventilating windows, etc. are completely closed and any holes in the structure are sealed.

Place the candle on a brick or in a metal container in the middle of the greenhouse. Raise the circular paper wick above the surface of the sulphur by about 10mm and light the wick. Once lit the sulphur inside and around the the wick will begin to melt. Sulphur burns with a very pale blue, almost invisible, flame - as long as sulphur is visible the candle remains alight. Vacate the greenhouse as soon as possible and close and seal the door. Do not re-enter for at least 12 hours. Prevent others from gaining access. After about 12 hours open up the greenhouse and ventilate to remove any remaining smoke.

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