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FENNEL Bronze (3 plants)
FENNEL Bronze (3 plants)
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Refill pack for Leek Moth Trap.

Reduces damage from leek moth caterpillars.

Pheromone attractant lures male moths onto a sticky mat.

Leek moths fly from early April until late May.  Then a second generation fly from early July until late August. the mated female lays eggs near the base of the plant.  The eggs hatch about 14 days later into maggots whch quickly burrow into the foliage, then move to the centre of the plant feeding on the young leaves. While mainly attacking leeks and onions, they will also attack other members of the onion family.

See 'Sowing and Usage' tab for full instructions.

The trap uses the scent of the female moth to attract and catch male moths.

The trap should be set up in early April for the first generation or early July for the second generation. The trap should be assembled as per the diagram on the packaging. The 'lure' should be removed from the sachet and laid on the sticky base. The trap should be suspended from a stake, level with the top of the crop.

It is important to check the trap every 2-3 days. If any moths are caught, the best approach is to cover with Enviromesh. Alternatively, a suitable spray should be applied 14 days later. A second spray should be applied after a second period of 14-21 days has elapsed.

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