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HUG RUG Eco Barrier Mat (Original Plain - Candy Stripe)
HUG RUG Eco Barrier Mat (Original Plain - Candy Stripe)
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Year round protection against pests and harsh weather.

This versatile piece of equipment started out as a physical barrier against carrot root fly, but as we were developing the product we realised just what a clever solution it could be in other areas - as a windbreak, to create a warmer area in cold weather, to prevent sun scorch, a barrier against flea beetle and a physical deterrent against rabbits, cats and foxes. Its framework can also be used to support a top cover of mesh or net. The kit is simple to erect, move and store.

The barrier comes in two sections - two x four metre lengths of 70cm high, stitched and bound micromesh, each with five stitched sleeves. These hold the ten powder-coated steel posts with pointed ends to stake in the ground. Position the barriers together or separately, in rows or around corners depending on the location and layout of the crop to be shielded.

Carrot Fly Keep Out! The barrier works in two ways: 1.) It contains the aroma of the growing carrots that attracts the fly; 2.) As they cannot fly higher than the barrier, you will significantly cut down the pests that ever get to your crop.

Please note: The mesh of the protection barrier is a very pale green colour not white.


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