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DILL Fernleaf (3 plants)
DILL Fernleaf (3 plants)
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POTATO Charlotte 1.5kg

POTATO Charlotte 1.5kg
Organic Seeds
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(1981) Very popular high yielding variety with long yellow tubers and waxy tasty flesh. Second early maturity.

Excellent for salads. Stores well.

Deliveries commence mid-December and finish in April.

Organic tubers are grown to Soil Association or Scottish Organic Producers Association standards. Non-organic varieties are not available as organic seed but are not treated after harvest. Seed potatoes are also subject to quality and disease control regulations and are inspected to ensure compliance with these in England by DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) or in Scotland by SASA (Scottish Agricultural Science Agency).

Despatched December to early April. Please unpack and inspect on receipt and sprout in a light, cool, well ventilated place, free from frost. In the unlikely event of potatoes not arriving in perfect condition, please notify us within 7 days of delivery. Bags contain weight stated when packed, some weight loss may occur due to evaporation of water.

1.5kg gives an average of 17-22 tubers per bag depending on size.

Please unpack and inspect on receipt and sprout in a light, cool, well ventilated place, free from frost.

Organic Charlotte is in short supply this season, but we have managed to source a smaller 25/35 size. Despite the smaller size, rest assured that they will grow into full size potatoes.

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