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Autumn Planting MIZUNA Green (10 plants)
Autumn Planting MIZUNA Green (10 plants)
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ONION Giant Zittau

ONION Giant Zittau
(Earliest known date 1880).

One of the best keeping onions available. The bulbs are semi-globular with an attractive golden-brown skin suitable for autumn sowing.

Strong flavour.

380 seeds.


month J F M A M J J A S O N D
sow under glass                        
sow outside                        
plant out                        
spacing 30cm x 10cm
instuctions For early crop sow under glass, otherwise sow direct and thin to required spacing.

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11-Feb-2012 Mike Walker

My favourite onion for growing from seed, since I can't get Reliance these days. I always get a crop, no matter what the weather, though ripening can be a problem, here in the North West of Ireland.

I prefer to sow 3 or 4 seeds into compost in a paper pot in February and start them off in a cold greenhouse, planting the whole pot out whenever the ground is fit in March or April - as the seedlings grow, they push each apart. It doesn't grow onions for the Show, but it supplies onions to carry you through the Winter......

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