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NEMASLUG - 1 x 40 sqm, 6 Weeks Cover

NEMASLUG - 1 x  40 sqm, 6 Weeks Cover
UK Only
Naturally occurring microscopic nematodes which seek out and kill slugs.

Easily mixed with water and applied with a watering can, giving protection for up to six weeks. Apply when slugs are active, and ensure the soil is moist for optimum performance. For best results the soil temperature needs to be 5 degrees and above.

We will supply from April, starting in the south, until September.

It kills mainly young and small slugs under the soil surface (90% of the population), rather than big slugs on the surface, for which additional controls may be needed (see the Pest Control Products sections). However, it does mean that the young slugs do not mature and breed, giving a much reduced slug population in the future. Use before the expiry date on the pack, and keep refrigerated until use.

Note: This does not control snails, and is not recommended for use in very heavy clay soil.

This pack treats 40 square metres.

Click here to view the Introduction to Nemaslug videos.


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11-May-2016 Neena Nerkar

I gave this product a try in an effort to manage the army of snails on my new allotment and garden before sowing some seeds. It works on slugs - I think - but the friendly nematodes do not work on snails, although they are both members of the Gastropoda family. I was told by the manufacturer BASF that the shells protect snails from the nematodes. Hopefully they will find a nematode specific for snails soon?

*** Comment from The OGC *** Please note our description does point out that it is not effective against snails. Advanced Slug Killer is the best thing to use to control them.

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20-Aug-2012 Julie Martin

Despite carefully following the instructions and keeping the ground damp (not waterlogged) after application, this product didn't work for me - in fact I've never seen so many baby slugs!!!

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