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SHALLOTS Longor (500g)

SHALLOTS Longor (500g)
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Traditional French shallot with lovely mild flavour.

Copper coloured, elongated bulbs with pink flesh.

Shallots are easy to grow and their mild onion flavour makes them a chef’s favourite in a wide variety of dishes and salads. Each bulb that you plant divides when growing to produce a clump of 5-6 shallots. Plant from late January to late March, 20cm apart. Lift when the leaves turn yellow July-Aug. Dry in the sun and hang up in a cool dry place. Certified virus free. 500g when packed.

Approx 15-20 shallots.

Delivery from end December-March.

Image kindy sent in by OGC customer Jane Pinn.

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1 litre SM4 SEAWEED PLUS FEED- Special price £9.95 save £2
1 litre SM4 SEAWEED PLUS FEED- Special price £9.95 save £2
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WASPINATOR (Single Pack)
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