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WINTER SQUASH Queensland Blue (3 plants)
WINTER SQUASH Queensland Blue (3 plants)
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POTATO Orla 1.5kg

POTATO Orla 1.5kg
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Tasty white tubers. Has the highest blight resistance ever seen in a first early, plus resistance to scab and blackleg. Stores well. Orla is also successfully grown commercially as a second early or early maincrop.

Deliveries commence mid-December, and finish in April.


Please unpack and inspect on receipt and sprout in a light, cool, well ventilated place, free from frost.

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POTATO COLLECTION Blight Resisters 4 x 1.5kg
POTATO COLLECTION Blight Resisters 4 x 1.5kg
POTATO SACKS (Paper x 5)
POTATO SACKS (Paper x 5)
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