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BROAD BEAN Super Aquadulce

BROAD BEAN Super Aquadulce
Organic SeedsSoil Association Organic
Superb long pods with 8-9 good flavoured beans in each.

Compact plants grow to 75cm tall. The hardiest variety for autumn or early spring sowing.

80 seeds.

Broad beans are a nutritious and valuable source of protein. Bacteria in their roots take up nitrogen from the air, which feeds the plants. Delicious when eaten young and tender.

Sow in double rows 22cm apart, with 15cm between seeds, or 20-30cm each way in beds.

Average height 75cm; taller plants may need support.

Autumn sowings ready late May/June.

month J F M A M J J A S O N D
sow under glass                        
sow outside                        
plant out                        
spacing 22cm x 15cm.
instructions Sow in double rows 22cm apart and 5cm deep. Allow 1m between pairs of double rows.
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3 of 5 Stars
28-Sep-2012 Tracy Langlands

My overwintering Super Aquadulce beans also failed in early spring, after snow was followed quickly by relative warmth. A second planting was poor too, with small plants and low yields. However, I'm ordering more this year on the basis that I stand a better chance with these than any other beans in our unpredictable weather.

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26-Sep-2012 The OGC

Sorry to hear that Super Aquadulce didn't work for you Andrea, this is certainly not typical of this variety.

We've sold approximately 3,000 packets of Super Aquadulce each year for the past decade and it's always performed well. This year has been an extremely difficult growing season for many gardeners across a wide range of vegetable varieties - it's more likely to be the poor weather conditions that have had an impact rather than the seeds themselves. We can send you another pack if you'd like to try again next year?

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unfortunately found these to be very poor, did not hold up to the weather, flowering was poor leading to very few pods. Was about to create a new order for broad beans, but checking my history I realised it was this variety that did not perform :(

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