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SUMMER BROCCOLI Purple Sprouting (10 plants)
SUMMER BROCCOLI Purple Sprouting (10 plants)
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PUMPKIN Rouge vif D'Etampes

PUMPKIN Rouge vif D'Etampes
Organic Seeds
Introduced in France over 100 years ago, this has bright orange round, lobed fruit on bush vines. Excellent flavour and grows well in acid soils. They vary in size, but 'Cinderella' type pumpkins up to 18kg are a possibility.

Maturity 90-100 days. Curcurbita maxima.

10 seeds.

month J F M A M J J A S O N D
sow under glass                        
sow outside                        
plant out                        
spacing 90cm x 90cm.
instructions Outside, sow 2 seeds per station and thin.
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