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Autumn Planting ROCKET Wild Rocket (10 plants)
Autumn Planting ROCKET Wild Rocket (10 plants)
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I am not a member of Garden Organic, can I place an order?
YES , everybody is welcome to order, but members get 10% discount

How do I order more than one of an item?
You can either click the Buy button again or view the contents of your basket and alter the quantity there.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?
You have a choice. You can create an account which will store your name and address in the My Details area. There are several advantages to this : you will be able to shop faster, save your basket and come back to it later, and view the orders you have previously made. You can also store up to five delivery addresses. Payment card details are not retained on the site.

You can also order and pay using Google Checkout which does not require you to create an account with us, but you will need one with Google.

Are my details secure?
Yes, they can only be accessed by you using the password that you specify. It is also our policy NEVER to sell, rent, share or give out customer details to any other organisation, except where necessary to deliver your order. Payment card details are not retained on the site. Regular security scans are carried out on our site and network.

How do I claim my 10% Garden Organic members’ discount?
To claim your 10% discount please enter your membership number in the My Details area of the site. This will be stored and and will automatically deduct the discount when you order.

ONION SETS Autumn Planting Comred
ONION SETS Autumn Planting Comred
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