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About The Organic Gardening Catalogue

The Organic Gardening Catalogue is the official catalogue of Garden Organic, Europe's leading organic gardening organisation. The catalogue is run as a joint venture with Chase Organics in Addlestone, Surrey, UK who have been suppliers to organic gardeners for over 80 years.

We are very happy to supply both members and non-members. Within our online shop you can find a great range of seeds, plants, fertilisers, composts, pest controls, weed controls, tools and books.

Why organic?

  • To create a healthy 'living' garden.
  • Free the garden from chemical pesticides and fertilisers.
  • Grow clean, fresh and tasty food.
  • Conserve the environment for present and future generations.
  • Support the valuable work of the Garden Organic.

About our seeds

For over 50 years Chase have been supplying high quality seeds that are suitable for organic gardening, tried and tested in our own gardens. In that time we have built up a balanced range.

Old Vegetable Varieties
Established before the advent of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which often thrive in organic conditions. Where known, the date of introduction is shown.

Newer Vegetable Varieties
Strong growing, uniform plants often able to resist or tolerate disease and pest attacks, particularly useful where there is no other means of control.

A comprehensive collection of herb seeds for culinary, medicinal and decorative use.

Flowers and Wild Flowers
A wide range of varieties for beautiful displays and borders, for cutting, drying and to attract beneficial pollinators are on offer. Flowers form an important part of a balanced organic garden.

Green Manure Seeds
Plants grown to benefit your soil by adding key nutrients.

Sprouting Seeds
Seeds for producing home-grown, nutritious pulses and grains.

Genetically Modified Seeds and Plants
We do not sell, nor have we ever sold, genetically modified seeds or plant material.

Our seed range consists of both organic and non-organic seeds, defined as follows:

Organic seeds are produced from plants grown to recognised organic standards. No chemicals are used either before or after harvest. All organic seeds in the catalogue are clearly marked with the "Organic" logo.

Coated organic seeds A few varieties that are used extensively by commercial growers are supplied to us with a chalky white coating on them to aid visibility against the soil or compost. It is organically certified and leaves no harmful residue.

Non-organic seeds are produced from plants grown by non-organic growers. No chemical treatments have been used or applied after harvest. Other seed suppliers may sell seed which has been given a coating of chemical to combat fungus or disease, but you can be sure that all our seed is supplied in its natural state. Organic gardeners have shown for many years that good results can be achieved without such treatments.

Why aren't all our seeds organic?
Until recently, organically produced seed was very rare and using untreated non-organic seed was the only option for most organic growers. However, since then, the situation has improved. We now have many sources of organic seeds, many of which are available exclusively in the UK through The Organic Gardening Catalogue.

There are still gaps where no organic seed is available, and our aim is to fill these when we can. Until that time we will continue to offer high quality, non-organic seed of varieties that have been shown to perform well in organic gardens, providing our customers with the widest possible choice.

Garden Organic Member Benefits

You don't need to be a member of Garden Organic to buy from The Organic Gardening Catalogue but, in addition to being part of Europe's leading organic gardening charity, here are some of the benefits of joining:

  • Unlimited free organic gardening advice from Garden Organic’s gardening experts. You can email Garden Organic with your question or problem and we will do our best to solve it for you. Email: Please include your membership number as this will ensure a prompt reply.
  • The Organic Way full colour members' magazine packed with advice and information, published twice a year.
  • 10% discount off everything in The Organic Gardening Catalogue.
  • Free admission to Garden Organic’s showpiece garden, Ryton Organic Gardens, at its headquarters in the Midlands.
  • Free or discounted entry to over 20 partner gardens across the UK including all four RHS gardens and The Yeo Valley Organic Garden in Somerset.
  • The opportunity to take part in organic experiments in your own garden.

How to join Garden Organic

You can join online at by adding membership to your order - Click on the 'Join Garden Organic' category on the left hand menu of the website. 10% members discount will be deducted immediately. You can also join by visiting where there are a greater range of payment options.

Claiming your Members' Discount
To claim your 10% discount please enter your membership number in the 'My Details' area of the site. This will be stored and and will automatically deduct the discount when you order.

Every Order Counts!
Remember all purchases from this catalogue help to fund Garden Organic's work in researching and promoting organic gardening.

Did you know that The Organic Gardening Catalogue is an ICE partner?

It's quick, easy and free to join. Collect and spend your ICE points with well known, local and artisan brands all doing their best for the environment. To collect your ICE points when you shop with us simply visit for more details.

Company Details

The Organic Gardening Catalogue is a trading name of:

Chase Organics (Great Britain) Ltd.
Heritage House
52-54 Hamm Moor Lane
KT15 2SF
United Kingdom

Tel: 01932 878570
Fax: 01932 845220

Registered Office: Terminal House, Shepperton, Surrey TW17 8AS
Registered in England number 699325
VAT number GB 207 6434 73

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NEMASLUG - 1 x 40 sqm, 6 Weeks Cover
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