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This lovely handmade wooden habitat will encourage the nesting of bumblebees in your garden. Just the right size and made from naturally durable timber which is strongly jointed to provide a nice dry home for bumblebees. The sliding lid is made of recycled agricultural plastic and allows you to have a look inside the box to observe the colony.

The Queen bumblebee spends her winter alone underground, when she emerges in Springtime she is looking for a new home in which to start her new bumblebee colony. The front of the bumblebee nester features a bright yellow surface in contrast with the dark nesting hole and entrance ramp. Queen bumblebees often make their colony after a mouse has nested. So if you attract a mouse in year one, this is good news and will make the box more attractive to a queen bumblebee in year 2. Be sure to leave the mouse nest in place.Comes with chopped meadow hay bedding

Comes with chopped meadow hay bedding.

Inspection lid allows observation.

Vent holes in rear of box to prevent condensation.

May be sited on the ground or up to 2 metres above ground on tree or similar.

Made from responsibly sourced FSC certified wood and recycled agricultural plastic.

Weight: 1.6 kg.

Dimensions: H 14.5cm x Width 32cm x D 24cm.


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