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ADAM HENSON BIRDS WELCOME Annual Wild Bird Attraction Mix (1kg)

ADAM HENSON BIRDS WELCOME Annual Wild Bird Attraction Mix (1kg)
From the Adam Henson range of wildflower seed and plant food mixtures, a diverse mixture of colourful annual wild flowers and seed rich plants: these will provide a valuable year-round food source for garden birds, by attracting insects over the summer and creating a seed rich habitat during the winter.

Wildflower Seed and Plant Food Mix.

Height up to 100cm, flowering period up to 5 months.  Sow Late March to June. Seed bearing September to March.

Simply sow the seeds, water the area thoroughly to dissolve the fertiliser and encourage the seeds to germinate. Full instructions included on pack. 

Covers up to 10 square metres.

1kg pack.

Not certified organically grown.


Product information: Benefits of Mini Grade Gypsum

Gypsum, or calcium sulphate is used in all the Adam Henson mixtures. When applied to the soil it reduces nutrient leaching and improves the utilisation of available nutrients to the plant. This is beneficial to plants whether or not fertiliser is applied. Gypsum has a high internal surface area which aids water retention and the granules also allow water to percolate deeper into the soil thereby improving drought tolerance. The presence of gypsum in the soil also reduces compaction.

Benefits of Onyx Fertiliser

Onyx is an organic molasses based compound 2-4mm granule fertiliser rich in organic matter and amino acids. Manufactured from processed molasses and then pelleted into a perfect spherical black crumb. This unique organic based fertiliser delivers nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids. Produced from concentrated plant extracts that have significant bio-stimulation properties as well as supplying macro and micro nutrients. Onyx is used in the Birds Welcome mix to boost the growth and seed production of the plants, its small crumb size helps deliver an even distribution while dissolving quickly making the nutrients almost immediately available.



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