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All the benefits of a drip watering system without the need for a mains supply.

Features a 10.5 litre water reservoir bag, 5 metres of tube and 6 adjustable drippers, enough for two grow bags. The system can be fitted to standard greenhouse frames with the hardware provided.

- Easy to set up

- An alternative to costly electronic systems

- Adjustable drip rate

Keep plants hydrated while you’re away with this easy irrigation system. A low cost alternative to electronic systems, this kit offers the benefits of drip watering without needing a mains water supply.

The kit includes a sturdy 10.5 litre reservoir bag, 5 metres of irrigation tube and 6 drippers to deliver a steady water supply to your plants.

The system is easy to set up and the drippers can be individually adjusted so you can water thirsty plants and not so thirsty plants at once. Just tighten for a slower drip, and loosen for a faster one. A bit of trial and error will give you the perfect flow.

You can also infuse a feed as well as water, making it ideal for plants that are hungry and thirsty, like chillis and tomatoes. Drip irrigation will also help them avoid blossom-end rot and splitting.

The system can be fitted to standard greenhouse extrusions with the hardware provided.

Please note: watering only lasts for 24 hours in total.

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29-Dec-2012 Marcus Offer

I have used this for two years now and find it (a) very fiddly to set up for anything other than a grow bag - especially as you need to allow about 1.5m of tube before you get to the first drip point and I have a small greenhouse (b) unreliable in terms of how regular the dripping is from each drip tap - it can vary according to the exact gradient of the hose from the reservoir to the tap etc and according to how full the reservoir is to start with. The taps themselves are stiff and not easy to adjust anyway so you either end up with a rush of too much water or none at all when you are adjusting it. It just seems very tricky to get it set up to use on disparate containers (you need some additional structure to hold the tube at the right heights) If you were only going to use it as illustrated, I guess it would be ok, and it's better than nothing otherwise but I'm still looking for an alternative for a variety of pots and tubs such as I typically use in my greenhouse. The taps could be much easier to use though even with a growbag.

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ENVIROMESH Standard Pack (2.1m x 4.5m)
ENVIROMESH Standard Pack (2.1m x 4.5m)
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