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AUBERGINE Clara (4 plants)

AUBERGINE Clara (4 plants)
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This early maturing variety of aubergine produces delicious white (almost egg shaped) fruits approximately 15-17cm long.

Excellent for use in Asian and Mediterranean cooking.

Will produce a better crop if grown under protection but can still be successfully grown outside in a warm sunny sheltered spot away from cold winds.

Organically grown vegetable plants, to pick and mix whatever you want to grow.  Ideal for those who don’t have the time, space or confidence to start plants from seed, just open the box and get growing.  The baby plants are despatched from late April/early May depending on the conditions. They will arrive packed in straw in their own individual biodegradable pots, or bare rooted depending on variety, hardened off and ready to be transplanted into your garden.

Delivery Charge: There will be a delivery charge of £5.95 per order of plants regardless of order value. There is no minimum order size. No further delivery charges will be made if your order only includes plants. If you order other goods at the same time, the delivery charge for the these items will be calculated according to our normal terms, in addition to the £5.95 charge. Please supply an email address when ordering so that we can let you know your plants are ready 7 days before sending. Delivery to UK MAINLAND addresses only.

Stocks may be limited for some varieties and in some cases it may be necessary to send a close substitute.

month J F M A M J J A S O N D
plant out                        
spacing 60cm x 60cm.
instructions Pot on into single pots and grow on in a greenhouse or cold frame.
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