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Fruits and Plants | Apple Trees

All trees are £26.25 each.

1 tree - add £6.00 postage (in addition to our standard postage charges.)

2 trees - postage is included.

Direct from producer November - late March depending on conditions. There may be breaks in delivery if weather or ground conditions are unfavourable. Delivery to UK Mainland only.

All trees originate from high grade virus free plants regularly inspected by DEFRA. Apple trees require a pollination partner growing nearby. The pollination group between A and E is given. A variety can be pollinated by another of the same group or one to either side. Triploid varieties, which require two pollinators are indicated T. All varieties are supplied as one year old 'Maidens'.

MM106 rootsock is ideal for most forms and situations, growing 4-5m (12-18ft). Some varieties are available on other rootstocks such as M26, M9, M27 and M25, all of which will give a smaller mature height.

The harvest period is also shown.

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